luni, 16 iulie 2012


Hello fellows !

We wanna inform you about what we are gone do in the future !

At the end of the august the promo with one month subscription at 150 euro it will be ended ! On the 01.09.2012 we will start again with our old payment wich this means
250 euro for a monthly subscription ! For one day the price will be the same at 30 euro and for tips with odd 15 the price still will be at 50 euro.

We will start again with the old price in september beucause at that time the all footballs championships will be started wich this means very profitable period like period of 2011-2012.So if you still wanna get at that time a monthly susbscription for only 150 euro you must do it in time or if you want you can get the subscription of year wich this was sent only for few trusted people.The offer of year subscription it will be ended at 25.07.2012.

If you wanna ask us something dont will find us at

With sincerity our team Match Sells

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